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The Junkie Alley Radio

Monday, August 6, 2012

Model Of The Month: @CB_Angelica (Month Of August)

Allow me to introduce you guys to model, radio personality & all around hustler & grinder the Crazy Beautiful Angelica as this months Junkie Alley Model Of The Month. Angelica is on a non stop hustle & grind and constantly staying busy. So check her out, see what shes about and hopes to accomplish & what she inspires to be. Make sure you contact her for any photo shoots. 

Raised in West Los Angeles CA 
Angelica is well known for being "crazy beautiful" Her personality is what seperates her from the rest.  She was recognized to be the very first Miss Congeniality for the Miss Latina Global 2011.
Started of in the industry as a gogo dancer because dancing is her one of her passions in life. In only one year Angelica has come a long way. Her charisma and charming way has won the hearts of manny.
She is now the Co-host for The Groove Shack on & The O.Brown show on Her main goal in life is to become an actess. Music videos, and modeling is fun for her too..
But ultimately acting is what she is persuing. Her hobies include painting, drawing, and enjoying being with her family. Angelica is a very giving person and likes to help those who help her. Her biggest dream is to one day be able to make a difference in the world. and impact. an inspire girls and woman. 

Dont forget to tune into The Groove Shack with MC Groove & Crazy Beautiful Angelica every Thursdays at 8pm Pacific Time on 

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