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The Junkie Alley Radio

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

#LA2Texas2Brazil Featured Model @LoveAthena aka Athena Anesti

Athena Anesti (born and raised in Houston TX) is a business woman who also works in the entertainment industry with a background in finance. Her passion for music has helped her work with many well known artists. She has become well known nationally through her classic photos and her positive influence. Not only is she just a pretty face with a beautiful voice, she is Co-owner of the well known barbershop in Houston called "Kings Of The Clippers". She has helped spread their brand and soon spreading the barbershop nationally. With her humble personality she has became well known for her work ethic and professionalism. She supports talented hard-working people, always helping them stay positive and achieve what they love to do. With experience in modeling, acting, singing, event planning, hosting and business this little lady does it all. She has managed to achieve so much independently but now with the huge following (from males and females)..we can only expect to see so much more from this talented beauty. Be on the lookout for Athena and when you meet her we promise you wont ever forget her.  
music videos:
my you tube :                                    


Mr.Capone-E "let me luv you girl"
Lil Flip" Swagger
Z-Ro/Gt Mayne/Dallas Blocker " hold of me"
GT Garza/RiskyBoi "Roses"
Smuc/Lucky Luciano "lifted"
Chingo/Stunta "taco shop"
Bun B/Ying Yang Twins
Medicine Girl
Shawn Stackz "Spin"


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  1. dammmmnnn uu fkn beautyful babyy