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The Junkie Alley Radio

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

#LA2Texas 3 "Connected"


With the release & recent success of  LA2Texas "Interstate 10 Project" & LA2Texas "The Massacre" the next one to drop is the Double CD LA2Texas 3 "Connected" with artist like Concrete, 2Tone, Nikki Diaz, Alkatraz, Hectic Loke, Rekluse, El Gee, Drummer Boy, Indencent, Pnut Producer, Z Gunz, Thugsta Clak, Oso Vicious, Problemz, LoOn3 & Many more. Take the time to check it out & download this dope album. 

 LA2Texas 3 Connected (Disk 1)

1. LoOn3 Feat. Krome "The Return” (Prod. By LoOn3)
2. Cinko Hustle, Z Gunz, Oso Vicious, Problemz, Thugsta Clak & Lil Yogi “Team Beast”  
3. Rekluse Feat. Papa Smurf & Fresh 2 Def “Ima Act A Azz” (Prod. By Rekluse)
4. Concrete Feat. Sam Quinn “So Fine”
5. El Gee “Man Of The Hour” (Prod. By Fm)
6. Concrete, Hectic Loke, Money Back & Nikki Diaz “Next Level” (Prod. By Concrete)
7. Rekluse & Drumer Boy “What Im Bout” (Prod. By Drummer Boy)
8. Indecent “Gotta Get Lifted” (Prod. By The Sosa Bros.)
9. Oso Vicious, Z Gunz, Money Back & Cinko Hustle “Bless them all” (Prod. By Shorttone)
10. Alktraz Feat. G Malone & K Boy “Enough Talkin” (Prod. By LoOn3)
11. Infamous Feat. West Texas G “Showoff” (Prod. By Flaco)
12. Robbs The One “Wild West”
13. Killa C Feat. ART “Shake That”
14. Sam Da Saint Feat. Oso Locsta & Ese Busta “This Is How We Do IT” (Prod. By Roskauma)
15. LoOn3 “The Shot” (Prod. By LoOn3)

LA2Texas 3 Connected (Disk 2)

1. Indecent “Hustle Hard Freestyle”
2. PnutProducer Feat. Alkatraz & Z Gunz “Keep It Gutta Mang” (Prod. By PnutProducer)
3. 2Tone Feat. Yhayo & Concrete “Keep It Gangsta (Remix)” (Prod. By The Assassins)
4. Lone Star, Smuc, Lopezz & Roskauma “Dont Push Me” (Prod. By Roskauma)
5. El Gee Feat. Alkatraz “Man Of The Hour (Remix)” (Prod. By Fm)
6. Alkatraz “Dougie Fresh”
7. Drumer Boy Feat. X the Prodigy & Young Chapo “501 Jeans” (Prod. By Drummer Boy)
8. Project Child Feat. Concrete & Robbs The One “Bang With Ma Familia”
9. Killa C Feat. ART “Swangin N Swervin”
10. Young Brown “C.W.A. (Chicano With A Attitude)” (Prod. By Jay Steez)
11. Annimean Feat. Kid Star B & Big Sick Nasty “Dont Ask Where Im From” (Prod. By JayB Beats)
12. Lone Star, Dat Boi C, Smuc & Roskauma “See U Later” (Prod. By Roskauna”
13. Yink Diz, G Malone & Annimean “Stand Tall” (Prod. By Yink Diz)
14. Re-Up “California Child” (Prod. By Rome)
15. Duya Feat. Smuc & Cortez “Never Gets Old” (Prod. By Dj Burn One)

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