The Junkie Alley Radio

The Junkie Alley Radio

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

#LA2Texas Four "Indpendent Hustle"

We got a new one for you off the LA2Texas series. This one is LA2Texas Four "Independent Hustle". And once again they bring u some more of that good music for you guys. With music from Sonny Blue, Z Gunz, Thugsta Clak, Concrete, El Gee, Big Tank of GDE, Namik, Abusivo, Apakalips, Alkatraz, Loose, Cyzer, J Doose, Al Hoods, Annimean, a Bonus track coming straight from Brazil & OsoTru once again showing love on the Intro & Outro to the album & Many More... This one is another dope one check it out & download it.


1. Intro- Osotru Of G’d Up Radio (Prod. By LoOn3) 
2  Los Angeles Times- Annimean (Prod. By Steez1)
3. Who Iz U- Rekluse Feat. M Jeezy & Baby Crip (Prod. By FLaco)
4. So Far- El Gee (Prod. By FM) 
5. Dark Hallways- BNaz of Skllful Tactics
6. Cadillac Musik- J Dosse
7. I Dont Know How She Does It- Cyzer Feat. Vital Minds  
8. Slow- Loose  
9. Catch Me In The Hood- Sonny Blue, Z Gunz & Thugsta Clak (Prod. By LoOn3)
10. Never Had Shit- Renegade
11. Checkmate- El Gee, Alkatraz & LoOn3 (Prod. By LoOn3)
12. Hard In The Paint Freestyle- Al Hoods & AG 
13. Cant Fuck With Us- Big Tank of GDE (Prod. By Flaco)
14. My City- Annimean (Prod. By Scientist) 
15. The Get Down- Apakalips, Random & Abusivo 
16. West Coast Stand Up- LoOn3 (Prod. By LoOn3) 
17. Puro San Anto-Namik Feat. J Krunk, Polo Mane & Fat Hog 
18. Real Hustlaz Bounce Back From A Lost- Concrete, Stylie Ray, Hectic Loke & L Boy
19. Keep It Pushin- Mike J, ART & Killa C
20. Assasins- Problemz Feat, Enstincs
21. Outro- Osotru of G’d Up Radio (Prod. By LoOn3)
   Bonus: Introduction to LA2Texas2Brazil  
Cheddar, Conhaquez, Biatyz (Brazillian Rap)- Problemáticos 13 & Pura Mente Gangsta


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