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The Junkie Alley Radio

Monday, June 18, 2012

Album Review: @Annimeanz "The Kevorkian Effect"

Annimean "The Kevorkian Effect" Official Release Date 8/30/12

       Just had the chance to listen to the highly anticipated album by Annimean "The Kevorkian Effect". And I got to say, this is a dope album, not just dope but one of the hardest & sickest albums top to bottom. The Kevorkian Effect has 13 original tracks by First Class member Annimean and let me say this, from 1-13 they're all dope records. I found myself listening to this album 5 different times and honestly this is one album that not only I enjoy, but I know the rest of you would enjoy listening too. Honest opinion, I didnt find myself skipping one track on this album. Defiantly consider this a Top 5 album of 2012. The album features First Class label mates Big Sick Nasty, Kid Star B & Sicilian Million. The first single off the album "Break It Down" is sure to let off a firestorm and just give the people out there a warning shot to "The Kevorkian Effect". 
     Its really hard for me to pick a favorite on this album, but if I had to choose i would say it's "The Industry" where Annimean takes it back to what music used to be like and what its turned into now, it also gives you a little insight to what the rap game is like. The sign of a great album is knowing you dont have to skip a track to get to the next one & makes you wanting more and thats what this album does. Like I said before, I didnt find my self skipping one track on this album & had me wanting more. The album also gives you a different variety of tracks & shows off the real skill that Annimean possess. With this album releases on August 30th 2012 make sure you go to itunes and get you a copy of this album.

Monday, June 11, 2012

New Video: @MadsTheHated Shot By @EyekonFoto "The Sky Is Fallen/Mercy"

Check out this new video we just got. This is another from Mads The Hated directed by Eykon called "The Sky Is Fallen/Mercy" of this Gods & Kings Mixtape set to drop this year! Make sure you stay posted here for any updates. For now check out the Mads The Hated video.

Mads The Hated "The Sky Is Fallen/Mercy" Shot By Eykon

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Model Of The Month: Amber @Cherry626 Petrillo (Month Of June)

We got a new Model Of The Month for June straight out of La Puente, California Amber "Cherry" Petrillo. Check her out, support & make sure you hit her up for any photoshoots or video shoots. 

At 24yrs old has been rocking the modeling for going on 6yrs,
And doesn’t have intentions on stopping anytime soon!
With a young face and a diverse style, she can pull off almost any look!
“I like to keep it sexy and fun, but still keep it classy”, Is how she describes her photos.
She is very outgoing, fun loving, creative, and a pleasure to work with! 
She got her 1st tattoo at 17yrs old and has been steady collecting her art since!
“Tattoo’s are my addiction, and I don’t plan on kicking it anytime soon! I wear my art proud!”
Cherry has done work with many LA based clothing lines such as
27Junkies, Old English, Panic 39, BackSeat Boogie, Classless Classics, OG Sick Flicks, Stick and Move, Lapdance and many more…
With appearances in music videos:
“Chasing the Clouds Away” –Evidence (Dilated People)
“Material Girl” – 5th Element (Pusher Price)
“Death Or Retirement” –TLOKO ft. Sick Jacken 2Mex & B Real
Experience with walking in fashion shows,
Modeling with Cars and Bikes,
And has posed as a Body Canvas for Body Art for many artists.
She has mixed her love for the urban underground scene with her love for modeling!
She’s was missing from the scene for a year, but is ready to pick up where she left off!

“I live life to the fullest, take every opportunity as a blessing and feel my life has only begun”  

For Booking or Info:
Instagram: Cherry626
Twitter: @Cherry626

Artist Of The Month: @HipHopAlkatraz (Month Of June)

This months Artist Of The Month comes straight from Inglewood, California and is known is a lyrical monster on the mic. Let me introduce you to "Alkatraz". Make sure you support this beastly artist bringing back that real Hip Hop element back to the game in a Brown way. Alkatraz skill level clearly shows that Mexicans can be lyrical & bar for bar can hang with anyone on the mic. 

“My Neck Of The Woods Vol. 2, Real MC’n” features artist T-Pain, Diamonique and Glasses Malone and is a follow up to his acclaimed 2011 mix-tape “My Neck Of The Woods Vol 1. Pushing ahead and launching his first single “Dougie Fresh” from his forthcoming release, Alkatraz goal is to bring real mc’n back to the game as the JP Morgan of hip-hop. “I hope to bring story telling back in a way that never leaves the music scene again. I describe my music as a feel good music to move heads and provoke conscious thought on the state of hip-hop today.”
Prepping the airwaves for the release of “My Neck of The Woods Vol.2, Real MC’n,”Alkatraz single “Dougie Fresh” is currently in rotation at Power 106 and has become and instant hit. His video is also in rotation on Music Choice On Demand.
In a hip-hop age where more emphasis is placed on street credibility than word play and
substance, Alkatraz is package perfectly to deliver what hip-hop has been missing for

some time; a relevant national artist that’s true to the game of Hip-Hop.  

Alkatraz's Soundcloud:

Alkatraz's Twitter:

Alkatraz's Website:

Producer Of The Month: @Flaco806 (Month Of June)

Here we go, another Producer Of The Month. This one is "Flaco"  from Memphis, Texas. But this time its a little different. Flaco submitted a video answering some questions that we asked him. So check out the video & make sure you hit him up for some production. 

Flaco's website:

Flaco's Twitter: