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Monday, June 18, 2012

Album Review: @Annimeanz "The Kevorkian Effect"

Annimean "The Kevorkian Effect" Official Release Date 8/30/12

       Just had the chance to listen to the highly anticipated album by Annimean "The Kevorkian Effect". And I got to say, this is a dope album, not just dope but one of the hardest & sickest albums top to bottom. The Kevorkian Effect has 13 original tracks by First Class member Annimean and let me say this, from 1-13 they're all dope records. I found myself listening to this album 5 different times and honestly this is one album that not only I enjoy, but I know the rest of you would enjoy listening too. Honest opinion, I didnt find myself skipping one track on this album. Defiantly consider this a Top 5 album of 2012. The album features First Class label mates Big Sick Nasty, Kid Star B & Sicilian Million. The first single off the album "Break It Down" is sure to let off a firestorm and just give the people out there a warning shot to "The Kevorkian Effect". 
     Its really hard for me to pick a favorite on this album, but if I had to choose i would say it's "The Industry" where Annimean takes it back to what music used to be like and what its turned into now, it also gives you a little insight to what the rap game is like. The sign of a great album is knowing you dont have to skip a track to get to the next one & makes you wanting more and thats what this album does. Like I said before, I didnt find my self skipping one track on this album & had me wanting more. The album also gives you a different variety of tracks & shows off the real skill that Annimean possess. With this album releases on August 30th 2012 make sure you go to itunes and get you a copy of this album.

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