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The Junkie Alley Radio

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Artist Of The Month: @HipHopAlkatraz (Month Of June)

This months Artist Of The Month comes straight from Inglewood, California and is known is a lyrical monster on the mic. Let me introduce you to "Alkatraz". Make sure you support this beastly artist bringing back that real Hip Hop element back to the game in a Brown way. Alkatraz skill level clearly shows that Mexicans can be lyrical & bar for bar can hang with anyone on the mic. 

“My Neck Of The Woods Vol. 2, Real MC’n” features artist T-Pain, Diamonique and Glasses Malone and is a follow up to his acclaimed 2011 mix-tape “My Neck Of The Woods Vol 1. Pushing ahead and launching his first single “Dougie Fresh” from his forthcoming release, Alkatraz goal is to bring real mc’n back to the game as the JP Morgan of hip-hop. “I hope to bring story telling back in a way that never leaves the music scene again. I describe my music as a feel good music to move heads and provoke conscious thought on the state of hip-hop today.”
Prepping the airwaves for the release of “My Neck of The Woods Vol.2, Real MC’n,”Alkatraz single “Dougie Fresh” is currently in rotation at Power 106 and has become and instant hit. His video is also in rotation on Music Choice On Demand.
In a hip-hop age where more emphasis is placed on street credibility than word play and
substance, Alkatraz is package perfectly to deliver what hip-hop has been missing for

some time; a relevant national artist that’s true to the game of Hip-Hop.  

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