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The Junkie Alley Radio

Monday, April 30, 2012

New Video" @SmucTheWorld "Focus"

New video for you guys, once again this one comes from Midland, Texas artist Smuc called "Focus". Check it out & make sure you support Smuc & his music. 

@TheJunkieAlley Radio Show On @GDUpRadio Sponsored By @27Junkies Hosted By @TheRealOreo1

Tune in to the new "The Junkie Alley Radio" show sponsored by 27 Junkies on G'd Up Radio. You get a full hour of nothing but that real dope, local, independent & real music you all deserve to hear coming from Mexicans & Latino people! No Politics, No Program Directors, nothing but that real music for you to listen to. Check it out & make sure you tune in every Tuesdays 9pm Eastern, 8pm Central, 6pm Pacific times at  Shout Out to the homie Osotru for making all of this possible & all those involved with the process & support of the show. Stay posted for any updates. Make sure you also hit the "Like" button on "The Junkie Alley Radio" page on Facebook.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

New Music: @GKickDoor "Clavos En Carros"

Check out new music from Atlanta artist G Kick Door called "Calvos En Carros" off his new mixtape called "Home Invasion Vol. 1" which you can download here on The Junkie Alley. Check out the video & support. 

Official @HecticLoke Album Release Album For "One Bad Mexican" 5/18/12

Going down May 18, 2012 is the official album release party for Hectics' new album "One Bad Mexican" in Northridge at The DLounge. Make sure you support & Hectic & head out to the album release party. They got free giveaways from 27 Junkies & Filthy Rich Clothing, Dont forget to check out Hectics first single off "One Bad Mexican" called "Down To Ride" feat. Valley Droop. 

Check out this video by Hectic Feat. Valley Droop "Down To Ride" Directed by Concrete
off Hectics upcoming album "One Bad Mexican"

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Music: @ZGunz @ProblemzDSG & @DirtyNapalm "Ski Mask" (Tuesday Leak)

Here is another official daily leak from Smooth Hustle, this one comes from Z Gunz, Problemz & Napalm called "Ski Mask". This one is straight fire. Check out this record & make sure you download it & look out for more music coming from the Smooth Hustle camp.

[Z Gunz, Problemz & Napalm "Ski Mask" Download]

New Music: @ThugstaClak Peterbuilt & Baldacci "Have U Ever" (Monday Leak)

Check this out, part of a new trend from Smooth Hustle they'll be leaking new tracks all week. This is the first one coming from Thugsta Clak, Peterbuilt & Baldacci called "Have U Ever". This is a really dope record that was released yesterday. Check it out & make sure you download it.

[Thugsta Clak, Peterbuilt & Baldacci "Have U Ever" Download]

Friday, April 20, 2012

New Video: @ChingoBling & Chino Montana "Tony Montana (Masahouse Intro) Video Directed by Compound Films

All I got to say is Chingo Bling & Chino Montana ripped this record. Check out the "Tony Montana (Masahouse Intro)" video & show Chingo some love & support.  Make sure you also go to itunes & get that new Chingo Bling "Masahouse" CD with Swishashoue & DJ Michael Watts.

[Purchase Chingo Bling "Masahouse"]

Make sure you hit Chingo Bling with a follow on Twitter.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Music: Nuno "Dollar Signs" Free Download

We would like to introduce you to this "Nuno" out of Lubbock, Texas. Take the time out & liseten to some of the music hes dropped. He's real dope. 

Check out some of his & VLP's music. Check out some of the links.

My Day Off:

Get Right Single:

Check out:

New Video: @MadsTheHated "You Know"

We got a new video by Mads The Hated off the "Gods & Kings" Mixtape called "You Know". Check it out & make sure you leave a comment & hit the like button. Show your support & be on the look out for his new mixtape. 

New Mixtape: @BigTankGDE "Benjamin Tanklin"

We got a new mixtape from Houston, Texas artist Big Tank of Grind Daily Ent. called "Benjamin Tanklin". Tank is really one of the artists we all need to pay attention to. Hes dope. Check him out & download the mixtape. 

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New Music: @VISIONCOMPLEX "Get Yours"

Check out new music From San Diego, Californias' own Vision Complex called "Get Yours" right here & dont forget to download the record & support Vision. Be on the look out for some new music shes got widropping soon.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Music: Smooth Hustle "The Pentagon Files" Mixtape

We got a new mixtape for you guys, this one comes from the Smooth Hustle camp called "The Pentagon Files". 24 tracks of heat from top to bottom with records by Sonny Blue, Z Gunz, Thugsta Clak, Problemz, Lil Ghost, Peterbuilt, Money Dice, Bosko, Cinko Hustle, Baldacci, Napalm & Many more. Check it out, download it &  support this staff.  

Download "The Pentagon Files" Mixtape  

New Video: Midget Loco "Thirteenth Letter" Feat. & Prod. David Salas Dir. By Echos World

We got a new video from Urban Kings/Steel Banging Musicks' Midget Loco called "Thirteenth Letter" Feat. & Prod. by David Salas & Directed by Echos World. Check it out its got a real smooth feel to it. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Season 4 Of @ThatGirlLALA'S TV Show LALAS World

Everyone please make sure you guys support this TV show by LALA of Houston. Season 4 of the show airs Tuesday, April 10th airing in Houston & now San Antonio. Lets support LALA & her show and lets make this a national show. Los Angeles, San Diego, Inland Empire, Arizona, New Mexico, Atlanta, New York & World Wide make sure you hit up LALA for a spot on her show. This is something we all need, LALA supports the streets & all the local talent. Make sure you check out a clip of one of her interviews. 

  LALAS World Clip of Chingo Blings show at the House of Blues in Houston, Texas. 

Follow LALA on Twitter, Facebook & YouTube

New Music: @MadsTheHated "Fly Away"

We got new music by Mads The Hated called "Fly Away" off his upcoming mixtape "Gods & Kings". Check out the track below & make sure you support.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Model of The Month: @VickyLastimosa (Month Of April)

The Junkie Alley would like to introduce this months Model Of  The Month "Vicky Lastimosa" out of Oxnard, Califormia. Take the time out to read a Lil Preview of her bio & make sure you follow her on Twitter & Facebook. Dont forget to contact her if you want her for any photoshoots or videos. 

Bio: My name is Vicky Lastimosa from Oxnard, California. I am a Filipino American model and for me It originally started in the clubs for me & then went on to do promo to do videos which lead to me doing TV Shows, Dancing & other events. From then  on i enjoy being in front of a camera & getting crowds hyped up. Basically I love everything about what I do. I am currently a hairstylist as well. I am highly dedicated, determined & money motivated for success. A lot of my success comes form doing a lot of photoshoots, so be on the look out for me cause i have a lot of things in the works. Stay tuned and Thank You All For The Support. 

Follow Vicky Lastimosa onTwitter & Facebook[Follow Vicky Lastimosa on Twitter]

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Contact Info:

Email Vicky At:

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Music: @ZapataTheGhost #GodsGoon Mixtape

New Mixtape just in, this one from Los Angeles, California & Campain member "Zapata The Ghost"called #GodsGoon, check it out support it & download it Zapata never disappoints .  

New Music: @LoonTheProducer "On The Boulevard 3 (One Last Ride)" Album Download

We got some new music for  you guys, this one comes from Los Angeles,California representative Loon The Producer formally known as LoOn3 or Mr. LoOn3 called "Only On The Boulevard 3- One Last Ride" with features from Robbs The One, Hectic Loke, Oso Vicious & Many More. Download it & check it out. Make sure you support this album and bump it. And don't forget to get you some production by Loon.

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Producer Of The Month: @LoonTheProducer (Month Of April)

Meet one of the most underrated producers on the West Coast "Loon The Producer" and make sure you get some production from Loon. Trust me he wont disappoint. Take a listen to just 2 of the many tracks he's produced below. 

Born in East Los Angeles CA in 1977, little did the world know that he would put his city on the map with a type of hip hop not yet established by mexican artist before him, he brings all mixes of music to the table and has own unique style with the ability to distance himself from the "Chicano Rap" label, LoOn3 is truely in a class of his own. LoOn3 is also known as one of hip hop's up an coming producers, with projects under his belt with established artists such as Dj Quik, Malhablado, Kid Frost. Refusing to follow suit of being just another gangsta rapper with the hood mentality LoOn3 took his talent to another level, showing the world that you dont have to wear ben davis, black loc's, and shave his head (baldie) to get recognition, with hard hitting lyrics and touching every subject known to man he is ready to expose that mexican rappers can be just as good as anyone on the mic without being painted as an "Ese" or "South Sider". He brings with him a new and fresh sound which the industry was not prepared to hear no did they expect.

LoOn3 started his endeavor of rap music at 16 yrs old, accidentally put in the mix at one of his brothers gang party's all liked what they heard and asked if he could do a track for there neighborhood, LoOn3 then recorded the track and his brother passed it along to everyone, it is well known through out East LA, since then LoOn3 has been creating his own beats, writing his own lyrics, and making a name for himself, LoOn3 has already worked with 3 different labels, although Indies and small his music still was known for its universal and unique sounding style. Now its only a matter of time to see where the road takes him, LoOn3 no longer being held back to one style his music is a library of new beats and a new style that no one has...UNIVERSAL! LoOn3 is willing to work with anyone, Gangsta no problem, Hip-Hop no problem, Abstract no problem, R & B no problem, Gospel no problem, Reggaeton no problem, no longer will he be labeled as one dimensional no longer will anyone tell this producer what's good and what's not, because with the sound he's bringing ALL MEXICANS should be in for a shock when he hits the scene.

[Concrete "Where You At?" Produced. By Loon The Producer]

[Loon, Indecent & Napalm "Bad Intentions" Produced By Loon The Producer]

Download his latest project "Armageddon"

[Loon The Producer Presents:Armageddon Free Download]