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The Junkie Alley Radio

Monday, April 2, 2012

Producer Of The Month: @LoonTheProducer (Month Of April)

Meet one of the most underrated producers on the West Coast "Loon The Producer" and make sure you get some production from Loon. Trust me he wont disappoint. Take a listen to just 2 of the many tracks he's produced below. 

Born in East Los Angeles CA in 1977, little did the world know that he would put his city on the map with a type of hip hop not yet established by mexican artist before him, he brings all mixes of music to the table and has own unique style with the ability to distance himself from the "Chicano Rap" label, LoOn3 is truely in a class of his own. LoOn3 is also known as one of hip hop's up an coming producers, with projects under his belt with established artists such as Dj Quik, Malhablado, Kid Frost. Refusing to follow suit of being just another gangsta rapper with the hood mentality LoOn3 took his talent to another level, showing the world that you dont have to wear ben davis, black loc's, and shave his head (baldie) to get recognition, with hard hitting lyrics and touching every subject known to man he is ready to expose that mexican rappers can be just as good as anyone on the mic without being painted as an "Ese" or "South Sider". He brings with him a new and fresh sound which the industry was not prepared to hear no did they expect.

LoOn3 started his endeavor of rap music at 16 yrs old, accidentally put in the mix at one of his brothers gang party's all liked what they heard and asked if he could do a track for there neighborhood, LoOn3 then recorded the track and his brother passed it along to everyone, it is well known through out East LA, since then LoOn3 has been creating his own beats, writing his own lyrics, and making a name for himself, LoOn3 has already worked with 3 different labels, although Indies and small his music still was known for its universal and unique sounding style. Now its only a matter of time to see where the road takes him, LoOn3 no longer being held back to one style his music is a library of new beats and a new style that no one has...UNIVERSAL! LoOn3 is willing to work with anyone, Gangsta no problem, Hip-Hop no problem, Abstract no problem, R & B no problem, Gospel no problem, Reggaeton no problem, no longer will he be labeled as one dimensional no longer will anyone tell this producer what's good and what's not, because with the sound he's bringing ALL MEXICANS should be in for a shock when he hits the scene.

[Concrete "Where You At?" Produced. By Loon The Producer]

[Loon, Indecent & Napalm "Bad Intentions" Produced By Loon The Producer]

Download his latest project "Armageddon"

[Loon The Producer Presents:Armageddon Free Download]

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