The Junkie Alley Radio

The Junkie Alley Radio

Monday, April 30, 2012

@TheJunkieAlley Radio Show On @GDUpRadio Sponsored By @27Junkies Hosted By @TheRealOreo1

Tune in to the new "The Junkie Alley Radio" show sponsored by 27 Junkies on G'd Up Radio. You get a full hour of nothing but that real dope, local, independent & real music you all deserve to hear coming from Mexicans & Latino people! No Politics, No Program Directors, nothing but that real music for you to listen to. Check it out & make sure you tune in every Tuesdays 9pm Eastern, 8pm Central, 6pm Pacific times at  Shout Out to the homie Osotru for making all of this possible & all those involved with the process & support of the show. Stay posted for any updates. Make sure you also hit the "Like" button on "The Junkie Alley Radio" page on Facebook.

[Tune Into The Junkie Alley on G'd Up Radio Here] 

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