The Junkie Alley Radio

The Junkie Alley Radio


LA2Texas2Brazil is a upcoming combined project being put together by Oreo1 of Los Angeles, California & Real Deal of Sao Paulo, Brazil featuring some of the hottest Rappers/MCs from Los Angeles, Texas & Brazil. LA2Texas2Brazil will also feature some of the hottest producers & and some of the upcoming models from Los Angeles, Texas & Brazil being featured on the cover. LA2Texas2Brazil is set to be released later this year & will be available for Free Download. In the mean time introduce yourselves to some of the models form the LA2Texas2Brazil Cover. So Stay Posted & Keep It Junkie!


[LA2Texas2Brazil Cover Model - Athena Anesti]

[LA2Texas2Brazil Cover Model - Keyana Gamboa] 

[LA2Texas2Brazil Cover Model - Alicia Terrazas]

[LA2Texas2Brazil Cover Model - Mz. Power] 

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