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The Junkie Alley Radio

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

#LA2Texas2Brazil Featured Model Mz. Power

Today we bring you an interesting interview with the model Mz Power, general representative in Brazil of female clothing brand Pinkminkmafia. The beautiful model will be on upcoming LA2Texas2Brazil album cover. She was very friendly with us, letting us know about your career, interests and her style that came of an aggression and chaos mix with her sensuality. Check it out!
Q: Mz Power, how did start your interest for photography?
A: I believe this interest was born with mehe just blossomed and matured over time, but was the age 14 I got my first camera and went explore the richness of vandalism that is my city, Sao PauloAs I was part of the vandalnot only shooting, but also in writing, I found it interesting unite aggression and chaos with the feminine sensuality. It was then that I also started shooting selfit has to 16.
Q: We may note in your essays a woman with attitude, showing lifestyle and reality. What are your major influences?
A: Musically Frazier Thompson (TRAE) and Joseph Wayne (Z-RO)
Artistically? Me Myself and I
Q: What projects do you have and others that already you done? Could tell us about them?
A: Well, Professionally speaking and running a little my reality, I've worked with some TV stations, acting, which brought me an cool experience.
It's nice 
to know the both sides of game. Also have participated in shoots for other brands but I prefer not give emphasis to it. I have my own projects, although off but once completed will be released for sure.
Pinkminkmafia is trademark female clothing in which I am the chief representative in BrazilRepresented by women worldwide are beautiful models, most them tattooedwith outstanding featuresbased on the Rockabilly style
but also bring the Chicano side with beautiful Cholas!
Q: How the public can check and follow your work?
A: Today the main is Facebook, there i have My personal profile and Fanpage where I always direct it the links to my portfolios, agenda and so on:  Facebook/MzPowerPmmBrazil
Q: Had some phrase or quote you'd like to share?
A: "The jump is so frightening between where I am and where I
want to be. Because of all I may become, I will close my eyes
and leap"

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