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The Junkie Alley Radio

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Free download: @LAEyekon & The Big Picture Album

New album just dropped by the homie The Campains LA Eyekon called "The Big Picture". If you like good music make sure you download this album for free right now.

Monday, September 16, 2013

New Mixtape: @ConcreteLive aka Berreta "Full Clip Reloaded"

After years of working in the studio Concrete aka Berreta is back with some new music. This time he drops his newest mixtape called "Full Clip: Reloaded" with features from ZGunz, Oso Vicious, Nikki Diaz, Kokane, Kryptonite, Zapata The Ghost, Sonny Blue, Baldacci, DJ Dominator & Canales Sisters. The mixtape features 15 tracks with singles like "Juicy" "Where You At" "City Of Angels" & "G On The Streets". The mixtape features production from the likes of Concrete himself, LoOn3, Kryptonite, DJ Dominator & Ill Beats. Make sure you support Concrete & download the mixtape.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

LBP & 27Junkies Present Armageddon 3 The Finale

We like to introduce a new album by LoOn3 & Oreo that both LBP & 27Junkies are a part of called "LBP & 27Junkies Present Armageddon 3 The Finale". This is the final installment of the series & it goes out with a bang by producing 45 total tracks This album features the likes of Midget Loco, Alkatraz, Berreta, Zapata The Ghost, Oso Vicious, Abusivo, Sire Kenoe, Jasper Loco, The Stomper, QCity, Bacardi Boom, Napalm, Bad News, Hittman Gottem, That Dirty Mexican Zoe, Robbs The One, Mads The Hated, Thee Broker Baller & the ultimate single by Alkatraz & Midget Loco "Me-Xicano" All tracks are produced by LoOn3 with Oreo executive producing the entire album. Show your support & download this free double disk album & spread the word. 

LBP & 27Junkies Present Armageddon 3 The Finale


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Free Download: QCity & Bacardi Boom "27Junkies" Freestlye Prod By LoOn3

Check out this brand new freestyle coming straight our of New York by 2 of the dopest artists out there QCity & Bacardi Boom produced by one of the most under rated producers in the game LoOn3. This freestyle is one that defiantly will have people talking not only about these 2 artsts & this producer but the whole 27Junkies family. This shows the reach of the 27Junkies family and shows how hard QCity & Bacardi Boom come off on this record! Check it out, download & tell all your people to support & download it. You will also see QCity & Bacardi Boom on Armageddon 3. 

QCity & Bacardi Boom "27Junkies Freestyle" Prod. By LoOn3

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

@MavOfSolCamp "Hustle Hall Of Fame Remix"

Check out this new lyric video by Arizonas known hustler Mav of Sol Camp called "Hustle Hall of Fame Remix" feat. Romero from Clika One, Zig Zag, Juan Gambino, Dirty Mexican Zoe, B Stacks, Chingo Bling, Los Means, Train City, Syck Syllables, Zapata The Ghost & Abusivo. Make sure you support that real hip hop/rap music & spread the word about this track! 

Free Download: Abusivo "Elevate The Game" Ep

If you have never heard of Abusivo, then your about to now. Check out his new Ep entitled "Elevate The Game". Abusivo is known more from his time under Spanish Rap. Now he seems to have crossed over into english & he doesnt seem to skip a beat. This ep has 7 tracks with features by Alkatraz, Apakalips, Sire Kenoe, LoOn3 & Wyte Wydo. Make sure you take the time to download this album & spread the word. 

Abusivo "Elevate The Game" 

Friday, March 1, 2013

New Music: @BoomG2 @TheNyteshift "All Stars" Feat. @SonnyBlueDSG & @Z_Gunz

We at The Junkie Alley would like to introduce you to a new record with a East Coast/West Coast collaboration with Bacardi Boom & Jav City feat. Sonny Blue & ZGunz called "All Stars". This record right here is what you get when you get a New York & Los Angeles collabo in effect. Its a dope record. If you want this track, make sure you click on the download link below.

Bacardi Boom & Jav City "All Star" Feat. Sonny Blue & ZGunz

Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Video: @HipHopAlkatraz @OGMidgetLoco "Me-Xicano" Dir By @ConcreteLive Prod By @LoonTheProducer

Its a honor & privilege to introduce this next video Presented by 27Junkies called "Me-Xicano" by HipHop Alkatraz & Midget Loco. This is one of those classic records that holds a lot of power because of the message that is being taught by Alkatraz & Midget Loco. This LoOn3 produced record has been making a lot of noise in streets & getting a lot of attention based off the message & the differences between both of these Mexican Hip Hop/Rap artists. It was only fitting that the music video get done so it was possible by 27Junkies & Concrete who directed the video. The video has been getting received very well outside of the United States & outside of the Mexican people. Check out the video below.

27Junkies Presents HipHopAlkatraz & Midget Loco "Me-Xicano"
Directed By Concrete 
Produced By LoOn3

Filly Brown Trailer

Look out for this real dope movie "Filly Brown" in theaters April 26th starring Gina Rodriguez, Lou Diamond Phillips, Edward James Olmos & the late Jenni Rivera. This movie will surely make some noise. This movie also features appearances by 27Junkies member Burst Rock & Tronik. Filly Brown also has stars like Chingo Bling, Noel G, Baby Bash many more.... Take a look at the "Filly Brown" Trailer right below. 

The Junkie Alley Featured Model: Johana Bautista

Allow The Junkie Alley introduce you to upcoming model Johanna Bautista. Check her bio and make sure you get at her for any photo shoots or video shoots. 

Hello my name is Johana i am a new upcoming model, i am currently working on my fan base as well with my portfolio ,i came across this site from some of my friends so i decided to create my self an account, to be able to get some events and hopefully to be able to get great opportunities and be blessed to be able to be a part of , i enjoy meeting new people , and being part of any movement as long as we are making progress,  i'm a very hard dedicated worker , very ambitious , FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION, big believer and a dreamer , therefore i do what i have to do think BIG and do BIG THINGS to be able to do what i love most be my self and capture some beautiful pictures in the moment ..I am hoping to gain experience while working with others and expanding my portfolio. I am NOT INTERESTED and WILL NOT DO ANY NUDES, I have a lot of respect for myself BEFORE ANYTHING IM A MOTHER FIRST. Im a very friendly ,outgoing, smart, and very passionate young lady. I love meeting new people and i am easy to work with. I would love to work with anyone interested in working with me helping expand my portfolio as well as their's. Please contact me bye mail or leave me a msg , Thank you very much for taking the time to read this & know a little about ME 


                                                                       Contact Info: 
                                                          [Add Johana Bautista on Facebook]