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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Video: @2ToneAsns @Oso_Vicious & @MizzGlow "27Junkies" Directed By Adam Roberts

New video just in. This one come from our Junkie Family 2tone, Oso Vicious & Glow called "27Junkies" Directed By  Adam Roberts with Burst Rock kicking knowledge at the end. Check out the official 27Junkies Clothing Anthem & spread the word!!!! 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Download: Rikee West "Couch Muzik"

New mixtape just in. This one comes from the homie Rikee West called "Couch Muzik". Download it & check it out. Support the brown, the whole brown movement & good music. 

 Rikee West "Couch Muzik"

New Video: @ConcreteLive "Where You At?" Directed By Concrete

So here it is, theres been some anticipation about what the video would look like for this record by Concrete. So here it is Concrete "Where You At?" Directed by Concrete & track produced by LoOn3. Pay close attention to what he's saying & pay close attention to the message in the video!!!

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Model Of The Month: Sabrina LaRae (Month Of October)

We at The Junkie Alley would like to introduce you to the newest Model Of  The Month from Los Angeles, California "Sabrina LaRae". Check her out, see what shes about, what drives her to succeed & dont forget to make sure you book her for any photo shoots or video shoots.

My name is Sabrina LaRae, I’m 21 years young and come from Mexican and Spanish families. I grew up in all over Los Angeles County and had lots of experiences everywhere I ended up. These experiences have helped shape who I am-ME. :) Charismatic, determined, genuine and loving. I love being out in the sunshine, the sunshine makes me feel a different happiness. :) 
 I absolutely love music and dancing- that’s my shit! I also enjoy being with my family, spending time alone on the beach, reading self empowering literature & sharing genuine moments with the people close to me. Like many, I had a rough childhood & I am now very passionate about helping people in need and empowering the world! I would like to focus on helping teens and adults, the homeless and those suffering in other countries. I want to let everyone know that YOU CAN MAKE IT…
 It’s possible for all of us. We are no different besides color & culture.  I’m also very passionate about my modeling career as well, I started modeling at 15 years old and I love it, I crave it…. I believe everything comes together in life to help you live your purpose …. It will happen for me, as well as you. We can all make it! Believe! :) 

Here is a look at some of Sabrina's other photo shoots & get more familiar with some of her work...


Contact Info:

Junkie Promoter: Alex Goes Hard

Allow for The Junkie Alley to introduce you to this promoter thats been really putting it down in a major way. From the looks of it this dude really been on grind mode! Check him out & get at him for any promo & shows.. 

It all started 4 years ago when ALEXGOESHARD asked a group of girls to meet him and his friends at a local friday night club. after that promoters started seeing alex at the club more often with a large group of people and started wondering how he was pulling those numbers in the club. so they approched him offering him money for every person that walks in the club. since then ALEXGOESHARD has been consistent in the night life/nightclub scene. In february 2012 he hosted over 15 clubs in the  L.A., I.E. and O.C. erea.
ALEXGOESHARD guestlist numbers started to  rapidly increase with time wich caused not just only night club owners but  record labels, clothing companies, producers, artist and radio stations to reach out to him..He is now campaigning for PAID DUES 2013 witch is one of the biggest music festival. since he started this campaign he has been successfull with the numbers of supporters he is also working on his first indepemdant tour wich launches feb 2013 hitting the hottest venues in NYC, ATL, MIAMI and SANDIEGO.. ALEX strongly feels he has taken another route no promoter has ever taken and strongly feels he is promoter of the year!!

ALEXGOESHARD has been consistent in the night life/nightclub scene. In february 2012 he hosted over 15 clubs in the L.A., I.E. and O.C. erea.
ALEXGOESHARD guestlist numbers started to rapidly increase with time wich caused not just only night club owners but record labels, clothing companies, producers, artist and radio stations to reach out to him..when joeytherealoreacervin told alex that he was nominated for promoter of the year by 27junkeesradio station his reply was "all gas no breaks thats all me" ALEXGOESHARD strongly that he should be promoter of the year because the quantity of his guestlist speaks for itself.

Contact Info:

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Artist Of The Month: Kenoe (Month Of October)

Allow for The Junkie Alley to introduce you to Long Beach, California artist Kenoe. If you have never heard about him before your about to get to know him real well. See what hes got going on & what he has out. make sure you get you a feature with him. 

I was born in los angeles My name is kenoe aka sir kenoe I'm of Mexican and Honduran (Honduras) descent I grew up in the east side of long beach on 10th and norman and 11th and hoffman. MY hood is fkc hellman block drifters. I have been into music since a kid when rundmc and beastie boys ran shit I also was influenced by whoodini krs one nwa king t too short snoop dog pound kid frost mellow menace and various other rappers. I started off dee jayen wit my brother he taught me how to mix blend an scratch I used to spend ours in his lab pumpin out mix tapes and slangen them at school. But our equipment got stolen ending that. We weren't very rich actually kind of poor and equipment is expensive. After our stuff was stolen I started hangin out on the streets taggin my hood across long beach I used to get such an adrenaline rush when I mobbed from hevans to rtds busses streets and freeways--but writing was always my passion. I loved writing poetry and was even starting a book about the Latinos and the low-rider movement another (one of my passions) but one day I left my folder on a bench during lunch and it got stolen. shortly after that I dropped out of school and went back to the streets. I used to recite the verses of a lot of my favorite artist so one day my boy exit asked me to join him in a freestyle session it introduced me to my true calling bein an mc. When I started it was just freestylin--but then I started getting a hunger to get better and stared dreaming of stardom--so I started writing more and freestylin more I would spend all my money on studio time for me and my group drunk-n-faded hopin that we would strike it big but it was a stuggle. one of my group members got locked up for selling drugs so our group broke up. after that I made a group with my boy exit,sent,and epic it was called the street addicts we made a couple of hood anthems when jealousy set in to us mostly against me cause I was always prepared and writing comes real easy to me I wrote most of our hooks. they thought I was showing off but I was just trying to get our music finished...but we all know how mens' egos are. we fell out and I decided to go solo cuz I didn't want to depend on people no more. I branched out on my own I started flooding the streets with undaground albums I developed a pretty big fan base and discovered a new talent musical engineering I wanted my shit to sound with quality so I went hard on pro-tools went to school and sharpened my skills on the boards I also decided to buy my own equipment and learned how to make beats. my first peace of equipment was a korg workstation. then I started upgrading my studio with more beat machines like the korg vocoder yamaha motif and a couple of drum machines.Eventually I met don cisco and started touring with him as his hype man I had a lot of fun and learned a lot from a great mc I did mix tapes with him and thizz nation in the bay I was starting a journey I had seen in my life since I stared this. I was featered on his album hustlers paradise now called still hustlin eventually we ended up in new york after doin a show at the house of blues in Hollywood we met the founder of airware AL he wanted us to do a mix tape and told us to come out to new york Im from the west but I loved new york its were it all started. we touched down in NYC and started parting from the gate then we went to the studio and knocked out a couple of songs for the mix tape I met big daddy cane joel ortiz and nore on my trip the mix tape was called airware the chosen few, I produced our track, and it was a good feeling to get that accomplished. I also worked with baby bash mc magic and yuck mouth while workin with cisco we did shows on the whole west coast Las Vegas was always fun Utah was cool Arizona and new Mexico were hot but they showed their love for music as did Oregon.I started feeling a hunger to be my own act not just a hype man so I went back into the studio and stareted working on more solo projects I finished a album with my boy lil soilder,mesik,tone from on blast and scientist all great beat makers soldier is my protege I know how to make beats but writing and recording are my passions. I started slingin out the trunk and boy was it sellin like crack fast when one day I got a call from don cisco askin me to drive out rigo luna a artist from machete music (don omars label) for a hook so I did on the way to the session rigo asked if I had any music to show him so I did and he loved it he said he wanted to do some songs together so we did he then introduced me to the costars I did a verse for a movie with the game called the millionaire boys club got paid and started workin on a album with luna and them.While me and rigo were workin he also had engagements for his label and introduced me to Duane darock Ramos a producer from the rocafella camp he loved my style and seen big things in my future so with him and the costars I put out some off the best underground music in the city but rigos managers didn't want us releasing the album cause he was under contract with machete and I didn't want to sign to that label I felt that they couldn't promote hip hop the way there supposed to so me and darock started working on my album and other projects.He felt I was a good engineer so he gave my first shot at producing a major artist and I co-produced a track (all my men) on krs ones new album maximum strength 2008. I also got the privilege to get on the stop the violence album landing on the second single with mary j blidge krs one da game fat joe chamillionaire ll cool jay and other artist. I did an interview with B.E.T for the album due out in 2009 during all this I was told by my boy alex silva aka hast and alex castro about a touring opportunity in japan so I finished a album with Duane darock mesik soldier and dr. claw all beat makers on my album I mix masterd all tracks with DAROCK supervising my first international album went overseas twice living my dream came to full fruition but during all this time became years my daughter was growing up with me out there i missed my fam..I never wanted my kid to grow without me so i came home and did my dad thing which is  fulfill-en  i kept doing show slanging cds but i did this near home my hunger arose again to get in the game so now i am almost finished with my second album with contributions from Loon3,solider,Dr.klaw,Duane Darock Ramos,fatt corey I feel this album is different cause im in command no one choosing tracks for me im calling it kenoe vs Jose inner turmoil..because its life my life struggle from being a artist to being a family man the hood in me "kenoe" wants to be out there doing the dam thing the jose in me is fine with how life is after all it is good...but im going to learn to balance both...

Contact Info: 

New Music: @LoonTheProducer & @TheRealOreo1 Present Armageddon 2

We got a new album in for you guys, a little late but we got it in. This one by LoOn3 & Myself called Armageddon 2. This album has 23 dope tracks by Zapata The Ghost, Concrete, Thugsta Clak, Alkatraz, Abusivo, Thee Broke Baller, Napalm, Robbs The One, Big Joe, Kenoe & many more. Make sure you take the time to download this project & support all the artists on this album. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

New Music: Download "Independence Day: New Day, New Era"

Just in & just released on Mexican Independence Day we got a new project for you guys called "Independence Day: New Day, New Era" with heat from Concrete, Money Back, Mav Of Sol Camp, Zapata The Ghost, Abusivo, Z Gunz, Thugsta Clak, Sonny Blue, Kenoe, Oso Vicious, Mads The Hated, Big Fats, Problemz, BaldAcci, Napalm, Peterbuilt, Annimean, Big Sick Nasty, Kid Star B, Smoke Lane, Rikee West, Nomoe & Cyzer. This project got some real heat so support all the talent on this project & download Independence Day.  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Video: @Unleashed74 "Left To Say"

Everyone make sure you check out this new video by Los Angeles artist "Unleashed" called "Left To Say". Defiantly the next upcoming artist from LA to come up. Make sure you check it out & show your support to Unleashed. 

Johana Bautista "Echos World Signature Contest"

Everyone do The Junkie Alley a favor & support this wonderful model Johana Bautista & hit the "Like" button on this picture by clicking on the link below. We all need to support each other in a major way, no matter what field we may be in. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Model Of The Month: @CB_Angelica (Month Of August)

Allow me to introduce you guys to model, radio personality & all around hustler & grinder the Crazy Beautiful Angelica as this months Junkie Alley Model Of The Month. Angelica is on a non stop hustle & grind and constantly staying busy. So check her out, see what shes about and hopes to accomplish & what she inspires to be. Make sure you contact her for any photo shoots. 

Raised in West Los Angeles CA 
Angelica is well known for being "crazy beautiful" Her personality is what seperates her from the rest.  She was recognized to be the very first Miss Congeniality for the Miss Latina Global 2011.
Started of in the industry as a gogo dancer because dancing is her one of her passions in life. In only one year Angelica has come a long way. Her charisma and charming way has won the hearts of manny.
She is now the Co-host for The Groove Shack on & The O.Brown show on Her main goal in life is to become an actess. Music videos, and modeling is fun for her too..
But ultimately acting is what she is persuing. Her hobies include painting, drawing, and enjoying being with her family. Angelica is a very giving person and likes to help those who help her. Her biggest dream is to one day be able to make a difference in the world. and impact. an inspire girls and woman. 

Dont forget to tune into The Groove Shack with MC Groove & Crazy Beautiful Angelica every Thursdays at 8pm Pacific Time on 

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Artist Of The Month: @Nomoe_LA (Month Of August)

Allow me to introduce you guys to the next upcoming artist out of Los Angeles, California. Check him out & get familiar with him. 

Nomoe born in Ensenada Baja california but Raiseed in the streets of LA. As his family worked hard to provide he started hitting the streets of LA. He stayed in the jungles for several years where he learned the "Street Code" and from there on thats all he knew. His influences where 2pac ,  Biggie , bone thugs and Pun. They were the ones running things at that time and was hooked by biggies song "Dont wanna Live NOMOE" . Always been around Crips Bloods and South Siders so thats why his sound is different. He wants to be amongs the top Latinos in music with his street raw style that everyone can relate with. after being shot and stabbed he continued to do music but developed a bigger passion for it. South Central repping and working hard to put it in the map with a different voice.

Listen & Download 
                                                                   [Nomoe "Over A Snitch" Prod. By Flaco]

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Interview: @TheRealOreo1 With @MCGroove & @CB_Angelica On The Groove Shack 7/5/12

Oreo had a chance to be on The Groove Shack with MC Groove & Crazy Beautiful Angelica on 7/5/12. I gotta say, this interview went real dope. MC Groove & Crazy Beautiful Aneglica asked Oreo about all his upcoming projects, his new radio show The Junkie Alley Radio, how he got started & what made him do what he does now. So check out the 1 hour interview with Oreo & The Groove Shack & the other hour with Jahira & The Groove Shack. Dont forget to tune into The Groove Shack with MC Groove & Crazy Beautiful Angelica on every Thursdays @ 8pm Pacific Time. 

Click the link & listen to the interview

New Music: @SmoothHstleDSG Leak Week "Monday & Tuesday"

We got new music from the Smooth Hustle camp & a new Leak Week, these tracks come from BaldAcci & ZGunz. Check them out & make sure you download these free tracks. 

BaldAcci & ZGunz "Bandanas & Tattooz" Monday Leak Week 4

BaldAcci "Cashin Out (Remix)" Tueseday Leak Week 4

New Music: @JSTEEZbeats "Electric Blanket" Free Download

We got a new mixtape download for you guys, this one comes from one of the sickest producers out there J Steez called "Electric Blanket". This is a must download, trust me when I say this mixtape has a lot of dope music on here. Check it out & download it.

J Steez "Electric Blanket" Free Download

New Video: Midget Loco "California Raised/Sucka MCs" Directed by Jeff Echo

We got another video in for you guys from Urban Kings/Steel Banging artist Midget Loco called "California Raised/Sucka MCs" Directed by the famous Jeff Echo. Check this out & make sure you go get that new Midget Loco album Dedicated To The OGs. 

Midget Loco "California Raised/Sucka MCs" Dir. By Jeff Echo

Monday, July 16, 2012

New Video: C.H.E. Cypher @BNaz07 @ZapataTheGhost @EyekonFoto @SlumTheResident @Dopamine @DeeTheG8 & Dodger Blue

We just got this new Cypher courtesy of "The Campain" camp B-Naz, Zapata The Ghost, Eyekon, Slum The Resident, Dopamine, Dee The Great & Dodger Blue. This is a dope Cypher each of these dudes murdered their verses in their own right! Make sure you check it out cause this is what real Hip Hop is all about!

New Video: Area51 "A51"

Another dope video just in coming from a West Coast Hip Hop group called Area51 (Apakalips, Crow Magnum & Random). First this group comes off with some real Hip Hop thats been missing & 2nd shows unity between the Brown, Black & White. Watch this A51 video off their upcoming album "2051" and you can also find this record on "We Got Next" which you can download here on The Junkie Alley. Show your support to Real Hip Hop & check out this music video by Area51. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Interview: @TheRealOreo1 on The @BSIDESHOW with @SillyRabbit626 @DaisyGomezPhoto & Wackoe on 7/2/12

Last week July 2nd, Oreo had the honor of being invited to do a interview with Rabbit, Daisy & Wakoe on The B Side Show. Gotta say the interview went real dope, and had a lot to talk about like Oreo's upcoming projects, The Junkie Alley Radio show on, 27 Junkies & more. Heres the interview in its entirety with Oreo coming up in the first segment. Make sure you guys tune into The B Side Show every Mondays at 11pm eastern 8pm pacific on & make sure you get at Rabbit for any interviews. Shout out to The B Side Show for having Oreo on. 

New Video: Gremlin "Let Me Be" Video Directed by @EyekonFoto

Got another new video for you guys to check out. This one comes from Gremlin called "Let Me Be" directed by Eyekon & produced by David Salas... Check it out Gremlin spitting that real.  

New Music: Blockstar Muzic Presents/Blaze Media: Coronas & Kush Mixtape Download

We got a new mixtape for you guys, this one comes straight from Houston, Texas artists Kriminology, Blade, Blaze, Big T & Silent from Blockstar Muzic called "Coronas & Kush". This mixtape has 15 tracks of some real dope music. So do your self a favor, download this mixtape & support Blockstar Muzic cause they defiantly got more heat coming for you real soon! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Album Review: @Annimeanz "The Kevorkian Effect"

Annimean "The Kevorkian Effect" Official Release Date 8/30/12

       Just had the chance to listen to the highly anticipated album by Annimean "The Kevorkian Effect". And I got to say, this is a dope album, not just dope but one of the hardest & sickest albums top to bottom. The Kevorkian Effect has 13 original tracks by First Class member Annimean and let me say this, from 1-13 they're all dope records. I found myself listening to this album 5 different times and honestly this is one album that not only I enjoy, but I know the rest of you would enjoy listening too. Honest opinion, I didnt find myself skipping one track on this album. Defiantly consider this a Top 5 album of 2012. The album features First Class label mates Big Sick Nasty, Kid Star B & Sicilian Million. The first single off the album "Break It Down" is sure to let off a firestorm and just give the people out there a warning shot to "The Kevorkian Effect". 
     Its really hard for me to pick a favorite on this album, but if I had to choose i would say it's "The Industry" where Annimean takes it back to what music used to be like and what its turned into now, it also gives you a little insight to what the rap game is like. The sign of a great album is knowing you dont have to skip a track to get to the next one & makes you wanting more and thats what this album does. Like I said before, I didnt find my self skipping one track on this album & had me wanting more. The album also gives you a different variety of tracks & shows off the real skill that Annimean possess. With this album releases on August 30th 2012 make sure you go to itunes and get you a copy of this album.

Monday, June 11, 2012

New Video: @MadsTheHated Shot By @EyekonFoto "The Sky Is Fallen/Mercy"

Check out this new video we just got. This is another from Mads The Hated directed by Eykon called "The Sky Is Fallen/Mercy" of this Gods & Kings Mixtape set to drop this year! Make sure you stay posted here for any updates. For now check out the Mads The Hated video.

Mads The Hated "The Sky Is Fallen/Mercy" Shot By Eykon

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Model Of The Month: Amber @Cherry626 Petrillo (Month Of June)

We got a new Model Of The Month for June straight out of La Puente, California Amber "Cherry" Petrillo. Check her out, support & make sure you hit her up for any photoshoots or video shoots. 

At 24yrs old has been rocking the modeling for going on 6yrs,
And doesn’t have intentions on stopping anytime soon!
With a young face and a diverse style, she can pull off almost any look!
“I like to keep it sexy and fun, but still keep it classy”, Is how she describes her photos.
She is very outgoing, fun loving, creative, and a pleasure to work with! 
She got her 1st tattoo at 17yrs old and has been steady collecting her art since!
“Tattoo’s are my addiction, and I don’t plan on kicking it anytime soon! I wear my art proud!”
Cherry has done work with many LA based clothing lines such as
27Junkies, Old English, Panic 39, BackSeat Boogie, Classless Classics, OG Sick Flicks, Stick and Move, Lapdance and many more…
With appearances in music videos:
“Chasing the Clouds Away” –Evidence (Dilated People)
“Material Girl” – 5th Element (Pusher Price)
“Death Or Retirement” –TLOKO ft. Sick Jacken 2Mex & B Real
Experience with walking in fashion shows,
Modeling with Cars and Bikes,
And has posed as a Body Canvas for Body Art for many artists.
She has mixed her love for the urban underground scene with her love for modeling!
She’s was missing from the scene for a year, but is ready to pick up where she left off!

“I live life to the fullest, take every opportunity as a blessing and feel my life has only begun”  

For Booking or Info:
Instagram: Cherry626
Twitter: @Cherry626

Artist Of The Month: @HipHopAlkatraz (Month Of June)

This months Artist Of The Month comes straight from Inglewood, California and is known is a lyrical monster on the mic. Let me introduce you to "Alkatraz". Make sure you support this beastly artist bringing back that real Hip Hop element back to the game in a Brown way. Alkatraz skill level clearly shows that Mexicans can be lyrical & bar for bar can hang with anyone on the mic. 

“My Neck Of The Woods Vol. 2, Real MC’n” features artist T-Pain, Diamonique and Glasses Malone and is a follow up to his acclaimed 2011 mix-tape “My Neck Of The Woods Vol 1. Pushing ahead and launching his first single “Dougie Fresh” from his forthcoming release, Alkatraz goal is to bring real mc’n back to the game as the JP Morgan of hip-hop. “I hope to bring story telling back in a way that never leaves the music scene again. I describe my music as a feel good music to move heads and provoke conscious thought on the state of hip-hop today.”
Prepping the airwaves for the release of “My Neck of The Woods Vol.2, Real MC’n,”Alkatraz single “Dougie Fresh” is currently in rotation at Power 106 and has become and instant hit. His video is also in rotation on Music Choice On Demand.
In a hip-hop age where more emphasis is placed on street credibility than word play and
substance, Alkatraz is package perfectly to deliver what hip-hop has been missing for

some time; a relevant national artist that’s true to the game of Hip-Hop.  

Alkatraz's Soundcloud:

Alkatraz's Twitter:

Alkatraz's Website:

Producer Of The Month: @Flaco806 (Month Of June)

Here we go, another Producer Of The Month. This one is "Flaco"  from Memphis, Texas. But this time its a little different. Flaco submitted a video answering some questions that we asked him. So check out the video & make sure you hit him up for some production. 

Flaco's website:

Flaco's Twitter:

Monday, May 21, 2012

New Video: @MavOfSolCamp "Im A Winner"

New video in, this one once again is by that Arizona Hustler "Mav" called "Im A Winner". This is a real dope video. Leaves me speechless. Video is based on the NBA Playoffs. Real dope. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Video: @2ToneAsns "Keep Pushin" Directed By Adam Roberts

New video just in. This one we got is another one from 2Tone called "Keep Pushin" off his upcoming album "American Me/Tony Dueces". Check this video out, it has that real raw hip hop feel to it. 2Tone is currently in the studio working on his "American Me/Tony Dueces" album. So everyone get ready for his album. For now check out his new video "Keep Pushin" Directed By Adam Roberts. 

New Music: @SmoothHustleDSG Leak Week (Week 2)

Week 2 of the Smooth Hustle Leak Week. We Got Tuesday & Wednesday here for you. Check them out & download them. 

Sonny Blue, Z Gunz & Thugsta Clak "Catch Me In The Hood" Prod. by Loon The Producer


Chris Hutch "The Chronicles"

New Video: @BigTankGDE "Ova Here"

Got a new video. Once again this one comes from Houston, Texas artist Big Tank of Grind Daily Ent. & this one is called "Ova Here". Big Tank got bars for days & destroys this record. Check it out & don't forget to download his mixtape "Benjamin Tanklin" right here on The Junkie Alley in our Free Albums/Mixtapes Downloads section. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

New Video: @DaInfamousMeskin "Lone Star Riderz" Feat. West Texas G & Padrino X

Check out this video put down by upcoming artist of El Paso, Tx. Infamous in this record called "Lone Star Riderz" Feat. West Texas G & Padrino X. This record really shows the life they lead out in El Paso. Check it out & show your support!! 

New Music: @ProblemzDSG "All A Dream" Smooth Hustle Leak Week (Week 2) - Monday

Second week of this Smooth Hustle Leak Week saga continues with Week 2. This record comes from Problemz called "All A Dream". Check it out & make sure you download the track. 

Problemz "All A Dream"

Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Music: @TheNYteShift aka QCity "The Mixed State Of Mind" Mixtape

New music just in straight from Staten Island, New York, this mixtape comes from Hip Hop/Rap artist "QCity" called "The Mixed State Of Mind". Download it, show ur support & make sure you bump it real loud.  

[QCity - The Mixed State Of Mind Mixtape Download]

Make sure you download the Bacardiboom mixtape "B.O.M.B."

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Music: @HipHopAlkatraz, Abusivo & Apakalips of Area 51 "Tryn Ta Get Dis Money" Prod. By @LoonTheProducer

Check out this bangin record flipped in English & Spanish by Alkatraz, Abusivo & Apakalips called "Tryn Ta Get Dis Money" Produced By Loon The Producer. This clearly shows how versitile Mexicans & Latinos can be on the mic. Make sure you download it & bang it loud!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

#LA2Texas2Brazil Featured Model Mz. Power

Today we bring you an interesting interview with the model Mz Power, general representative in Brazil of female clothing brand Pinkminkmafia. The beautiful model will be on upcoming LA2Texas2Brazil album cover. She was very friendly with us, letting us know about your career, interests and her style that came of an aggression and chaos mix with her sensuality. Check it out!
Q: Mz Power, how did start your interest for photography?
A: I believe this interest was born with mehe just blossomed and matured over time, but was the age 14 I got my first camera and went explore the richness of vandalism that is my city, Sao PauloAs I was part of the vandalnot only shooting, but also in writing, I found it interesting unite aggression and chaos with the feminine sensuality. It was then that I also started shooting selfit has to 16.
Q: We may note in your essays a woman with attitude, showing lifestyle and reality. What are your major influences?
A: Musically Frazier Thompson (TRAE) and Joseph Wayne (Z-RO)
Artistically? Me Myself and I
Q: What projects do you have and others that already you done? Could tell us about them?
A: Well, Professionally speaking and running a little my reality, I've worked with some TV stations, acting, which brought me an cool experience.
It's nice 
to know the both sides of game. Also have participated in shoots for other brands but I prefer not give emphasis to it. I have my own projects, although off but once completed will be released for sure.
Pinkminkmafia is trademark female clothing in which I am the chief representative in BrazilRepresented by women worldwide are beautiful models, most them tattooedwith outstanding featuresbased on the Rockabilly style
but also bring the Chicano side with beautiful Cholas!
Q: How the public can check and follow your work?
A: Today the main is Facebook, there i have My personal profile and Fanpage where I always direct it the links to my portfolios, agenda and so on:  Facebook/MzPowerPmmBrazil
Q: Had some phrase or quote you'd like to share?
A: "The jump is so frightening between where I am and where I
want to be. Because of all I may become, I will close my eyes
and leap"