The Junkie Alley Radio

The Junkie Alley Radio

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

@ZGunz Feat. @SonnyBluedsg "The Introduction (Up Up And Away)"

New Video just in to The Junkie Alley comes from the Smooth Hustle artists Z Gunz Feat. Sonny Blue "The Introduction (Up Up And Away)" off Z Gunz upcoming album "Loyal 2 Da Soil" Check it out & make sure u cop that album when it drops. In the meantime watch this video.

Z Gunz Feat. Sonny Blue "The Introduction"

@bnaz07 aka B-Naz of Skillfull Tactics "Tattoo Therapy"

Just in, a brand new album by Riverside, Californias own B-Naz of Skillful Tactics. The album has features form artists like Zapata The Ghost, Skillful Tactics, Just, Alterego & many more. Take the time & download this dope album.


#LA2Texas2Brazil Featured Model @LoveAthena aka Athena Anesti

Athena Anesti (born and raised in Houston TX) is a business woman who also works in the entertainment industry with a background in finance. Her passion for music has helped her work with many well known artists. She has become well known nationally through her classic photos and her positive influence. Not only is she just a pretty face with a beautiful voice, she is Co-owner of the well known barbershop in Houston called "Kings Of The Clippers". She has helped spread their brand and soon spreading the barbershop nationally. With her humble personality she has became well known for her work ethic and professionalism. She supports talented hard-working people, always helping them stay positive and achieve what they love to do. With experience in modeling, acting, singing, event planning, hosting and business this little lady does it all. She has managed to achieve so much independently but now with the huge following (from males and females)..we can only expect to see so much more from this talented beauty. Be on the lookout for Athena and when you meet her we promise you wont ever forget her.  
music videos:
my you tube :                                    


Mr.Capone-E "let me luv you girl"
Lil Flip" Swagger
Z-Ro/Gt Mayne/Dallas Blocker " hold of me"
GT Garza/RiskyBoi "Roses"
Smuc/Lucky Luciano "lifted"
Chingo/Stunta "taco shop"
Bun B/Ying Yang Twins
Medicine Girl
Shawn Stackz "Spin"


Make sure you follow Athena at

Street Level 2 Pre Trailer

Looks like the newest installment of the Street Level franchise is on its way. This is the Pre Trailer to the Street Level 2 Dvd which should be released sometime this year! Once again. Burst Rock, Adam Roberts, Funny Bones Crew, Soul 2 Soul Bboys & 27 Junkies are bringing another dope dvd our way.

(Street Level 2 Pre Trailer)

#LA2Texas Four "Indpendent Hustle"

We got a new one for you off the LA2Texas series. This one is LA2Texas Four "Independent Hustle". And once again they bring u some more of that good music for you guys. With music from Sonny Blue, Z Gunz, Thugsta Clak, Concrete, El Gee, Big Tank of GDE, Namik, Abusivo, Apakalips, Alkatraz, Loose, Cyzer, J Doose, Al Hoods, Annimean, a Bonus track coming straight from Brazil & OsoTru once again showing love on the Intro & Outro to the album & Many More... This one is another dope one check it out & download it.


1. Intro- Osotru Of G’d Up Radio (Prod. By LoOn3) 
2  Los Angeles Times- Annimean (Prod. By Steez1)
3. Who Iz U- Rekluse Feat. M Jeezy & Baby Crip (Prod. By FLaco)
4. So Far- El Gee (Prod. By FM) 
5. Dark Hallways- BNaz of Skllful Tactics
6. Cadillac Musik- J Dosse
7. I Dont Know How She Does It- Cyzer Feat. Vital Minds  
8. Slow- Loose  
9. Catch Me In The Hood- Sonny Blue, Z Gunz & Thugsta Clak (Prod. By LoOn3)
10. Never Had Shit- Renegade
11. Checkmate- El Gee, Alkatraz & LoOn3 (Prod. By LoOn3)
12. Hard In The Paint Freestyle- Al Hoods & AG 
13. Cant Fuck With Us- Big Tank of GDE (Prod. By Flaco)
14. My City- Annimean (Prod. By Scientist) 
15. The Get Down- Apakalips, Random & Abusivo 
16. West Coast Stand Up- LoOn3 (Prod. By LoOn3) 
17. Puro San Anto-Namik Feat. J Krunk, Polo Mane & Fat Hog 
18. Real Hustlaz Bounce Back From A Lost- Concrete, Stylie Ray, Hectic Loke & L Boy
19. Keep It Pushin- Mike J, ART & Killa C
20. Assasins- Problemz Feat, Enstincs
21. Outro- Osotru of G’d Up Radio (Prod. By LoOn3)
   Bonus: Introduction to LA2Texas2Brazil  
Cheddar, Conhaquez, Biatyz (Brazillian Rap)- Problemáticos 13 & Pura Mente Gangsta



Check out this Brown Hustle album. This collection of music comes from some of the Dopest Mexican/Latin Rap artists in the game with Featured track by Money Dice of DC Feat. Z Gunz & Sonny Blue called Shoot The Dice" Prod. By Flaco from Amarillo, Texas & A SPM Tribute record as a Bonus track By Nuno, Infamous & SAM also Prod. By Flaco. Check it & download it.



We got another dope album on our hands. This one features some real dope West Coast artists out of Los Angeles, California. Top to bottom this has to be one of the best ones out there with artsts like Concrete, Apakalips, Abusivo, B-Naz of Skillful Tactics, Robbs The One, Drummer Boy, Annimean, Alkatraz, Nikki Diaz, LoOn3, Al Hoods, G Malone, Sugar Free & More.... Check this out & download it.


#LA2Texas 3 "Connected"


With the release & recent success of  LA2Texas "Interstate 10 Project" & LA2Texas "The Massacre" the next one to drop is the Double CD LA2Texas 3 "Connected" with artist like Concrete, 2Tone, Nikki Diaz, Alkatraz, Hectic Loke, Rekluse, El Gee, Drummer Boy, Indencent, Pnut Producer, Z Gunz, Thugsta Clak, Oso Vicious, Problemz, LoOn3 & Many more. Take the time to check it out & download this dope album. 

 LA2Texas 3 Connected (Disk 1)

1. LoOn3 Feat. Krome "The Return” (Prod. By LoOn3)
2. Cinko Hustle, Z Gunz, Oso Vicious, Problemz, Thugsta Clak & Lil Yogi “Team Beast”  
3. Rekluse Feat. Papa Smurf & Fresh 2 Def “Ima Act A Azz” (Prod. By Rekluse)
4. Concrete Feat. Sam Quinn “So Fine”
5. El Gee “Man Of The Hour” (Prod. By Fm)
6. Concrete, Hectic Loke, Money Back & Nikki Diaz “Next Level” (Prod. By Concrete)
7. Rekluse & Drumer Boy “What Im Bout” (Prod. By Drummer Boy)
8. Indecent “Gotta Get Lifted” (Prod. By The Sosa Bros.)
9. Oso Vicious, Z Gunz, Money Back & Cinko Hustle “Bless them all” (Prod. By Shorttone)
10. Alktraz Feat. G Malone & K Boy “Enough Talkin” (Prod. By LoOn3)
11. Infamous Feat. West Texas G “Showoff” (Prod. By Flaco)
12. Robbs The One “Wild West”
13. Killa C Feat. ART “Shake That”
14. Sam Da Saint Feat. Oso Locsta & Ese Busta “This Is How We Do IT” (Prod. By Roskauma)
15. LoOn3 “The Shot” (Prod. By LoOn3)

LA2Texas 3 Connected (Disk 2)

1. Indecent “Hustle Hard Freestyle”
2. PnutProducer Feat. Alkatraz & Z Gunz “Keep It Gutta Mang” (Prod. By PnutProducer)
3. 2Tone Feat. Yhayo & Concrete “Keep It Gangsta (Remix)” (Prod. By The Assassins)
4. Lone Star, Smuc, Lopezz & Roskauma “Dont Push Me” (Prod. By Roskauma)
5. El Gee Feat. Alkatraz “Man Of The Hour (Remix)” (Prod. By Fm)
6. Alkatraz “Dougie Fresh”
7. Drumer Boy Feat. X the Prodigy & Young Chapo “501 Jeans” (Prod. By Drummer Boy)
8. Project Child Feat. Concrete & Robbs The One “Bang With Ma Familia”
9. Killa C Feat. ART “Swangin N Swervin”
10. Young Brown “C.W.A. (Chicano With A Attitude)” (Prod. By Jay Steez)
11. Annimean Feat. Kid Star B & Big Sick Nasty “Dont Ask Where Im From” (Prod. By JayB Beats)
12. Lone Star, Dat Boi C, Smuc & Roskauma “See U Later” (Prod. By Roskauna”
13. Yink Diz, G Malone & Annimean “Stand Tall” (Prod. By Yink Diz)
14. Re-Up “California Child” (Prod. By Rome)
15. Duya Feat. Smuc & Cortez “Never Gets Old” (Prod. By Dj Burn One)

#LA2Texas 2 "The Massacre"

Here's Part 2 Of the LA2Texas Series, This One Is Called "The Massacre". It Features Concrete, Snow Tha Product, Smooth Hustle, City Gees, BadNews, JokaBoy, Nikki Diaz, Carolyn, Juan Gotti, That Dirty Mexican Zoe, Mr. LoOn3, Drummer Boy, Rekluse, Smuc &  Many More. Check It Out! And Download It For FREE!


1. LA2Texas - LA2Texas Intro (Prod By Flaco)
2. Concrete - I'm The King Feat. Bad News & Joka Boy (Prod. By Concrete)
3. Smooth Hustle - We Holdz It Down Feat. CNC Squad & City Geez
4. Snow Tha Product - I'm All That
5. Nikki Diaz - She Could Never Be Me Feat. Concrete (Prod. By Concrete)
6. Sleepy Da Realist - Sum U Said
7. Infamous - The Ink Spot Feat. That Dirty Mexican Zoe, Enemy1, Juan Gotti & Mr.Geo (Prod. By Mr. Geo)
8. Lone Star, Dat Boi C & Smuc - Look No Hands (Prod. By Roskauma)
9. Z Gunz & Lil Ghost - City Of Champions Feat. Concrete
10. El Gee & Infamous - Beat It Up (Prod. By Flaco)
11. Fiesty 2 Guns - Street Scriptures
12. 2Tone - Ima Dog Feat. Z Gunz (Prod. By The Assassins)
13. El Gee - We Are (Prod. By Fm)
14. Z Gunz, Lil Ghost & Sonny Blue - Watch Ya Mouf
15. Concrete - G On Them Streets feat. Kokane (Prod. By Concrete)
16. Mr. Loon3 - Money On The Table Feat. Marquez, Prime 1 & Lil J (Prod. By Mr. Loon3)
17. Drummer Boy - I Rep My Hood Feat. Risas & X (Prod. By Drummer Boy)
18. Sam Da Saint - Follow Me Feat. Carolyn Rodriguez & Smuc
19. Z Gunz - U Dont Know Me Feat. Lil Ghost & Thugsta Clak (Prod. By Fm)


#LA2Texas"Interstate 10 Project"


We bring you a free album called LA2Texas "Interstate 10 Project" featuring a mixture of new upcoming rappers from LA & Texas that shows the raw talent coming from the streets featuring records from Concrete, Nikki Diaz, 2Tone, Snow Tha Product, Z Gunz, Problemz, Sonny Blue, Cinko Hustle & Bosko of Smooth Hustle, Rekluse,Dirty Mexican Zoe, Oso Vicious, El Gee, Indecent, Corner Block & many more. Featuring hits like "I'm Ready" by Concrete & Money Back, "Fresher Than A Mug" by Snow Tha Product, "Only On The West Coast" by Oso Vicious Feat. Killa Kal, "Big In LA" by Z Gunz & Problemz, "Free All My Homies" by Rekluse Feat. Carolyn Rodriguez & Oso Locsta  & "Cali Rollercoaster" by 2Tone                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

1. Intro (Oreo1 Drop)-OsoTru of G'd Up Radio
2. Im Ready (Prod. By Fm) - Concrete & Money Backwords
3. Making Your Mark Ft. Lil Young (Prod. By Fm) - Kriminology & Blade
4. Stunna - That Dirty Mexican Zoe
5. Mark Of The Best (Prod. By The Assassins) - 2Tone
6. Gangland - Bosko, Cinko, Problemz & Z Gunz
7. Fresher Than A Mug - Snow Tha Product
8. Only On The West Coast Ft. Killa Kal - Oso Vicious
9. I Got Your Back Ft. Nikki Diaz & Concrete (Prod. By Fm) - Blade & Kriminology
10. Free All My Homies Feat. Carolyn Rodriguez & Oso Locsta Rekluse
11. Big In LA - Z Gunz & Problemz
12. Lone Star Hustle Ft. West Texas G & Padrino X (Prod. By Flaco) Infamous
13. Sonny Blue Freestyle (Prod. By Fm)Sonny Blue
14. Cali Roller Coaster (Prod. By The Chromatix)2Tone
15. Hands Up (Prod. By The Assassins)El Gee
16. 16 Bar Killahs Ft. Lil Young (Prod. By Money Backwords) Corner Block Music
17. One Of Those Days Ft. That Dirty Mexican Zoe (Prod. By The Sosa Bros.) - Indecent
18. The Get Down Ft. Enstincs & Vic Luther (Prod. By Jay Steez) - Young Smokes