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The Junkie Alley Radio

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

#LA2Texas 2 "The Massacre"

Here's Part 2 Of the LA2Texas Series, This One Is Called "The Massacre". It Features Concrete, Snow Tha Product, Smooth Hustle, City Gees, BadNews, JokaBoy, Nikki Diaz, Carolyn, Juan Gotti, That Dirty Mexican Zoe, Mr. LoOn3, Drummer Boy, Rekluse, Smuc &  Many More. Check It Out! And Download It For FREE!


1. LA2Texas - LA2Texas Intro (Prod By Flaco)
2. Concrete - I'm The King Feat. Bad News & Joka Boy (Prod. By Concrete)
3. Smooth Hustle - We Holdz It Down Feat. CNC Squad & City Geez
4. Snow Tha Product - I'm All That
5. Nikki Diaz - She Could Never Be Me Feat. Concrete (Prod. By Concrete)
6. Sleepy Da Realist - Sum U Said
7. Infamous - The Ink Spot Feat. That Dirty Mexican Zoe, Enemy1, Juan Gotti & Mr.Geo (Prod. By Mr. Geo)
8. Lone Star, Dat Boi C & Smuc - Look No Hands (Prod. By Roskauma)
9. Z Gunz & Lil Ghost - City Of Champions Feat. Concrete
10. El Gee & Infamous - Beat It Up (Prod. By Flaco)
11. Fiesty 2 Guns - Street Scriptures
12. 2Tone - Ima Dog Feat. Z Gunz (Prod. By The Assassins)
13. El Gee - We Are (Prod. By Fm)
14. Z Gunz, Lil Ghost & Sonny Blue - Watch Ya Mouf
15. Concrete - G On Them Streets feat. Kokane (Prod. By Concrete)
16. Mr. Loon3 - Money On The Table Feat. Marquez, Prime 1 & Lil J (Prod. By Mr. Loon3)
17. Drummer Boy - I Rep My Hood Feat. Risas & X (Prod. By Drummer Boy)
18. Sam Da Saint - Follow Me Feat. Carolyn Rodriguez & Smuc
19. Z Gunz - U Dont Know Me Feat. Lil Ghost & Thugsta Clak (Prod. By Fm)


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