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The Junkie Alley Radio

Monday, October 8, 2012

Model Of The Month: Sabrina LaRae (Month Of October)

We at The Junkie Alley would like to introduce you to the newest Model Of  The Month from Los Angeles, California "Sabrina LaRae". Check her out, see what shes about, what drives her to succeed & dont forget to make sure you book her for any photo shoots or video shoots.

My name is Sabrina LaRae, I’m 21 years young and come from Mexican and Spanish families. I grew up in all over Los Angeles County and had lots of experiences everywhere I ended up. These experiences have helped shape who I am-ME. :) Charismatic, determined, genuine and loving. I love being out in the sunshine, the sunshine makes me feel a different happiness. :) 
 I absolutely love music and dancing- that’s my shit! I also enjoy being with my family, spending time alone on the beach, reading self empowering literature & sharing genuine moments with the people close to me. Like many, I had a rough childhood & I am now very passionate about helping people in need and empowering the world! I would like to focus on helping teens and adults, the homeless and those suffering in other countries. I want to let everyone know that YOU CAN MAKE IT…
 It’s possible for all of us. We are no different besides color & culture.  I’m also very passionate about my modeling career as well, I started modeling at 15 years old and I love it, I crave it…. I believe everything comes together in life to help you live your purpose …. It will happen for me, as well as you. We can all make it! Believe! :) 

Here is a look at some of Sabrina's other photo shoots & get more familiar with some of her work...


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