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The Junkie Alley Radio

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Producer Of The Month: @PnutProducer (Month Of May)

Everyone let me introduce you to Los Angeles, California now Atlanta, GA producer "P-Nut Tha Producer". Get to know him, see what hes about & how he got started in doing beats. 

It all started in the mid 80's in Hollywood CA. with a white cassette tape his pops used to play when he was 4yrs old from that white tape he only remembered 2 songs "Jam on it" by Newcleus and "White Lines" by Grand Master Flash & the Furious Five. His older brother used to play rap music all over the house Instead of watching cartoons they used to watch yo! mtv raps and rap city when they were kids. Then in 1997 his Aunt who lived down the street used to have a little keyboard he would go over and play with the keyboard all the time and sometimes he will ask his aunt to let him borrow it for the weekend. He used to make little beat demos on cassette with his aunt keyboard. Then in feb 1998 him and hes child hood friend Frank Bautista a.k.a. Happydogg may he rest in peace decided to make a cassette demo which will embrace PnutProducer into making music full time. From 1998-2003 PnutProducer recorded 5 demo tapes then finally in 2004 he got hes first taste of recording digital with an old friend Don.V. In 2006 PnutProducer got hes own home studio and never looked back since. Now living in Calhoun Ga. 45mins north of Atlanta he hasnt forgot where he comes from. He has worked and produced for alot of indie artists from L.A. like hiphopalkatraz, Z-Gunz, Hectic Loke, Robbs The One, Mr. Loon, MoneyBack, E-Sweets, Al Hoods, Krazy Race, and buliding a buzz in Atlanta with the hottest artist G Kick Door. Hes latest mixtape "The Streetz Been Waiting" dropped on april 2011' (Hosted by DJ Roman Roxford) which was the best mixtape of 2011' on hes currently working on hes follow up mixtape set to be released summer 2012. PnutProducer has been making music for 14yrs now! and he says hes not going to stop anytime soon hes just getting started.
The Streetz Been Waiting Mixtape free Download

Check out the P-Nut Tha Producer Feat.Alkatraz & Z Gunz video "We Keep It Gutta" Prod. By P-Nut Tha Producer.

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