The Junkie Alley Radio

The Junkie Alley Radio

Friday, February 3, 2012


We got another entry for you guys. This one comes from Inglewoods own Hip Hop Alkatraz. In this one right here we give you 2 of his videos first being "Dougie Fresh" & the next one is "Young, Gifted & Brown" both of which you can catch on his newest mixtape "My Neck of Tha Woods Vol. 2" hosted by non other than Hip Hop legend DJ Tony Touch.
Alkatraz brings back the original Hip Hop sound but through the eyes of a Mexican/Latino. This man shows you how lyrical he is and how lyrical Mexicans/Latinos in general can be. In the meantime check out these 2 videos we put up & make you follow him on twitter. (Hip Hop Alkatraz Twitter) and make sure you check out his personal website

Hip Hop Alktraz "Dougie Fresh" [YouTube Video]

Hip Hop Alkatraz "Young, Gifted & Brown " [YouTube Video]

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