The Junkie Alley Radio

The Junkie Alley Radio

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Producer Of The Month: @Roskauma

We got something new for you guys. Every month we'll be putting together a Producer of the Month and this month we got a sick producer out of Midland, Texas by the name of Roskauma. Check him out below by clicking the link & make sure you get at him for any beats you may need. 

BIO: Ruben Olivas is from Odessa, a town in West Texas. As an aspiring producer, Olivas began his audio education at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Science (CRAS) at the age of 23. This is not where his love of music began, however. Coming from a musical background, Olivas has had a passion for music at a young age. He has a long line of musicians in his family, including his mother, who is a mariachi singer. He started his career as an aspiring producer, but gained much knowledge in engineering and the music business. He has gained an openmindness in the variety of styles in music, which in turn has given him a whole new appreciation for the diversification in music and an opportunity to work with a variety of artists. Olivas describes his music as hip hop groove with a combination of genres including, latin, rock, jazz, and reggae. His influences include Timberland, Dr. Dre, Jimi Hendrix, and The Beatles. Olivas began to work as a teenager in his home-based studio, but he believed his career started after graduating CRAS as a certified audio engineer. At CRAS he was certified in analog and digital equipments including SSL console, Neve console, Neo-tech console, logic, pro tools, and Smart5 (live sound). After winning an online competition of remixing a song on, he began to intern for Chingo Bling, a musician/comedian from Houston, TX. As Chingo's engineer and DJ he was able to travel around the US and share the stage with Dope House Records, Baby Bash, TI, and Pitbull. When his internship ended, he had the opportunity to remain part of Chingo's team, Big Chile Records. Olivas, however, decided to move on to his next goal and open his own recording studio in West Texas, which he later named A&R Recordings. He now records aspiring local artists and continues networking to find new artists, managers, and promoters. He also composes and sells instrumentals for artists. His passion and hunger for music gives him the drive to continue with his career and, in his words "grind", in order to "make it" in the music industry. His goal is to spread his love of music and his unique sound and let it be heard around the world

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  1. Roski got that fiyuuuuh!!! --ZZ